[Neuroscience] Re: why does ketamine keeps rats' eyes open?

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Fri Nov 10 07:31:04 EST 2006

you are likely using ketamine at a dose that does not induce general
anesthesia...which is fairly typical for ketamine (wide range of doses
that sedate before consciouseness lost)...I guess from a scientific
perspective I might ask, why you need anesthesia on board (Im wagering
to keep the rat still), why the rat must be awake while the eye is open
or kept open (preservation of certain reflexes)...most questions you
might want to answer are OK if fully anesthetized (state of geneeral
anesthesia)...If you need to just sedate propofol, midazolam or
ketamine OK ...depending on the circuitry involved in your hypothesis
(dose is everything).


Lisa Beeren wrote:
> Does anyone know why rats anaesthetised with ketamine keep their eyes open?
> Im trying to find a way of opening the eyes of rats lightly anaesthetised with
> isoflurane. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Lisa

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