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I'm adapting Triune Brain Theory interweaved with my youth violence prevention strategy.  Currently, though retired, I'm still asked  to teach "Coping Skills for Kids" in elementary school classrooms, based on MacLean's theory.  Today, I saw an Internet post of Howard Olson's question asking if there has been anything new published on MacLean's theory since his 1990 book.

I know of one very useful interpretation by three psychiatrists at U.C. Medical Center (San Francisco) who lived in my former home area of Marin County, California.  Their book, "A General Theory of Love" offers a very pragmatic dissertation on the relationship between MacLean's mammalian brain level (Limbic system) and the origins of "love" in our brain and our world.

Today I see an explosion of interest and exploitation of MacLean's theory, particularly as it applies to reptilian brain functions.  I am committed to using an expanded interpretation of MacLean's work in light of recent fMRI and other brain imaging research findings that can be used to help teach kids how to control violent and self-harmful acts.   I do bristle at the commercializing of MacLean.  It is happening in such diverse fields as teaching theory and marketing research (see Clotaire Rapaille's emergence in this latter field).

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