[Neuroscience] Re: Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience

Glen M. Sizemore via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by gmsizemore2 At yahoo.com)
Thu Nov 30 22:33:49 EST 2006

If you respond to anything in this post - I mean, something you've actually 
read - please respond to the exchange below:

MP: You say "the brain doesn't think". In that case, does the heart beat?
Do the kidneys filter? Or are cardiologists and nephrologists as
misguided and stupid as us idiot neuroscientists?

GS: This is not the issue. The issue is does a cardiac cell beat? Does a
kidney cell filter? Cardiologists and nephrologists would probably not say
this and would think it silly. I guess that provides an answer to the last
question above.

I like this because it captures, in a nutshell, what is absurd - earlier I 
said "silly" - about your, ummm, "philosophical" position.

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