[Neuroscience] What neuroscience school should I go to?

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Mon Oct 2 05:47:32 EST 2006

First off, I'll have to say "wow" to this newsgroup. I've been a member
of scienceforums.net for about two years, and I didn't know this place
existed. Finding a community based in neuroscience seemed like an
impossibility. However, now that I did find one, I'll ask the many of
you as to what school is a decent neuroscience school. I really don't
know what schools would accept me. I don't know which schools would
cover the things I want to do.

I'd have to say I'm primarily interested in cognitive science, the
"doogie mice," and nootropics (smart drugs). I might consider turning
into a medical scientist, neurosurgeon, medical doctor of a different
field, geneticist, or other somewhere along the line. However, I'm
looking for a school that allows me to switch majors in case I find
things not work out; or I want a school that allows me to accumulate
credits/hours. In other words, I'm looking for a respected school where
I can build up credits, work towards other degrees with those credits,
and graduate with a degree.

I don't know if my grades are good enough for certain colleges or
universities. I know that I can keep my college GPA above 3.8 out of a
4.0 scale. I'm typically not one for community work, but I could always
accumulate some to help my resume. I didn't do too well in high school.
My school was one of those that didn't guide students correctly or care
about them. I assume my high school GPA is 2.5-3.0 out of a 4.0 scale.

I had a professor tell me that I might want to attempt applying to MIT.
He had mentioned that to me about three times while I had a
conversation with him. I don't really care about MIT; but if I'm
accepted, then I'd be willing to go. I don't think my background is
sufficient enough for MIT. I do, however, think my background may be
sufficient for something like UC Berkely.

I've been living in Illinois for twenty years, so I'm interested in the
University of Chicago. I would hope it could accept me, and I would
hope I could go there. It offers a neurosurgeon and a neuroscience
program. I want some kind of institution that officers an M.D./PhD
program. The main reason for that is because (from what I've heard)
neuroscience research isn't paying too well. Of course, I'm in it for
the research, knowledge, and advancements; but I'd like some money to
keep myself supported.

I've been thinking about UW-Madison, but I don't know if that's where I
want to go. Matter of fact, I don't know which school(s) cover the
things I want to do in neuroscience. Some schools have ethical
guidelines, and they stay away from things like nootropics. If anyone
has a detailed list as to what each neuroscience school researches and
develops, I'd love to have that list.

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