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Thu Oct 26 17:50:04 EST 2006

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 "Fijoy George" <tofijoy from yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> In fact, I am a student (in 
> Computer Science) currently working on the EEG/MEG neural source imaging 
> problem, and I wanted to know how to correctly simulate activation patches 
> on the cortical surface.

I sympathise with your problem!  Unfortunately I think there's little 
available guidance to suggest a "correct" way, because we don't know 
what kinds of neuronal activity produce fMRI signal.  Are you wanting to 
map the electrical EEG domain to the fMRI domain?  That sounds like an 
interesting problem and I will have a dig around to see what I can turn 
up.  Maybe Dr Agmon or Dr Norman could suggest some resources. My first 
thought is the Brain Dynamics group here in Sydney, Australia - they 
have produced models of EEG power spectra based on simple anatomical 
properties of bulk cortical tissue.  I don't think they have applied it 
to correlation with fMRI though - although the members do use fMRI in 
experimental contexts.


Hope that helps - it's much easier to know how to advise when you say 
what you're trying to achieve!



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