[Neuroscience] Re: Recovering from AVM surgery?

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Fri Sep 1 22:22:14 EST 2006

Mitch at This_is_not_a_real_address.com wrote:

> 3 weeks ago my wife underwent surgery at Northwestern Memorial
> Hospital to remove an AVM from the base of her brain.


Musings of a neuroscientist, not a neurosurgeon:

It's impossible to give hard answers with so little information (and in
any case involving the brain). Nevertheless, the symptoms you describe
are actually more typical of injury to the cerebral cortex than the
cerebellum. Was the stroke localized to the AVM site or elsewhere?
(When a stroke follows AVM removal, one wonders if blood flow to the
surrounding regions was properly re-established.) Either way, alas,
you'll have to wait and see (which I'm sure you've heard enough of), as
the brain itself is better at curing what ails it than any of us.

Best wishes,
Don Incognito

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