[Neuroscience] Re: nanowire/synases

N mimo_545 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 8 15:38:25 EST 2006

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I found a wasps nest in my
loft recently (there are 3 dusty old ones there too
hanging from the rafters) they're quite beautiful
- but I suppose I have to call pest control.
Each one is different, not quite perfectly symmetrical.
...and I still find it difficult to go along with
Platonism. If an nn was to be mass produced to set
specs, anything outside of that, any individuality
would be anomolous. a clocking off would have to be
built in somewhere (Philip K Dick?-"time to die")


I suppose I'd better get serious-and learn something.

I looked up a list of neurotransmitters, guessing
that each has a postive or negative charge, and has
a time (gosh, I wish I had the vocabulary of biologists)
before its active effect on the neuron and its decay.
My way of thinking at the moment is around structuring an
nn about the time gaps between the periods when the
neurotransmitters activate impulses, until their decay.
Although this still leaves the problems presented by the use
of a structured language and aphorisms commonly used to
communicate 'meaning', all those different languages wow!

discarding language for  moment, with all those
neurotransmitters feelings are synesthetic,
perhaps the impulses then, the over-riding charges
might be the impulses?


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