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On 8 Sep 2006 13:38:25 -0700, "N" <mimo_545 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Hi All,
>Thanks for the replies. I found a wasps nest in my
>loft recently (there are 3 dusty old ones there too
>hanging from the rafters) they're quite beautiful
>- but I suppose I have to call pest control.
>Each one is different, not quite perfectly symmetrical.
>...and I still find it difficult to go along with
>Platonism. If an nn was to be mass produced to set
>specs, anything outside of that, any individuality
>would be anomolous. a clocking off would have to be
>built in somewhere (Philip K Dick?-"time to die")
>I suppose I'd better get serious-and learn something.
>I looked up a list of neurotransmitters, guessing
>that each has a postive or negative charge, and has
>a time (gosh, I wish I had the vocabulary of biologists)
>before its active effect on the neuron and its decay.
>My way of thinking at the moment is around structuring an
>nn about the time gaps between the periods when the
>neurotransmitters activate impulses, until their decay.
>Although this still leaves the problems presented by the use
>of a structured language and aphorisms commonly used to
>communicate 'meaning', all those different languages wow!
>discarding language for  moment, with all those
>neurotransmitters feelings are synesthetic,
>perhaps the impulses then, the over-riding charges
>might be the impulses?

Sorry but you are far off the mark in understanding neurotransmitters.
I suggest you get a good intro biology text and read up on  the
nervous system and how it works.  Then, if you really must know more
details, get a good neuro book and do the same.

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