[Neuroscience] Re: Dreaming well explained

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Sun Sep 10 02:46:47 EST 2006

Hi John

You are near-perfect in your analysis - as usual. :-)

In being so you this time also covered what I meant (but did not quite as 
perfectly write).

I should have written (in respect of the Finnish guy's theorizing) that:
It is not inept to enrich his evolution-theoretical explanation - which is 
an explanation pertaining to the information processing part of the adaptive 
values of dreaming or, more generally, sleeping) - with the notion of 
off-line trialing ("rehearsing") of ways to take advantage of 
environmentally available (and potentially to phylogenetically pay off) 

Recognizing and adding this constructive/positive side to this didactic 
dichotomy of the "evolutionary patterning totality" (i.e. 
"adversity"_"opportunity" type events/potentials/tendencies) produces a more 
balanced (less imperfectly plotted) picture of What Is/was going on to makes 
things be how they are.

IOW, in this case this to me 'relatively right' theory would increasingly 
contribute to an encompassing philosophical/theoretical postion of 
understanding if it was more multifocal. That is, if it in addition to 
focusing mainly on the possibility of REM-state rehearsals of how to evade 
or deal with probable and/or impending lifetime/phylogenetic pressures of 
predicament type included what you so easily brought to bear on the pursuit 
of a science-aligned picture of what we do on the pillow.

In summary, it seems (as far as I can see) that we, as part of a lineage of 
evolving animal species and as individuals, 'successfully sleep' because 
sleep allows us to (is a manifestation of a workable 'strategy' for 
promoting reproductive survival by) chemically recharge (optimize)our brain 
and bodily tissues, for staying out of harms way (in case of 
individuals/species whose eyes are not well enough night-vision-adapted) and 
to better deal with lifetime challenges of adverse as well as of opportune 

My dream addressing topic starter was of course only a paranthesis in my 
plugging of a recognition (and simple but encompassingly explanatory 
philosophical thesis and etymologically pioneering thinking in terms of that 
our phylogeny has frequently mixed "synaptic (selective or specific) 
hibernation" imploring/inducing type situations or ditto predicaments or 
ordeals (causing potentially painful extra selective pressures of 
neurophysiologically piled-up imprints that I think can well be called 
CURSES) with procreation promoting and 'phenotyping' intrinsic and 
environmental opportunities (or, IOW, *positive* selection pressures, or 
*primarily constructive* evolutionary patterning tendencies).

Also, I shall take what you wrote as a warning, to try to get more sleep! 
(This since I don't really seek to become more senile, and semantically 
vague (by stuffing up even more sentences), than I already am.



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