[Neuroscience] Re: Graduate studies in Computational/TheoreticalNeuroscience?

konstantin kouzovnikov myukhome at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 17 06:42:26 EST 2006

look at this one first (as you are relactant to follow the "visual" or 
"language" lead:

The human brain is intrinsically organized into
dynamic, anticorrelated functional networks
Michael D. Fox*†, Abraham Z. Snyder*‡, Justin L. Vincent*, Maurizio 
Corbetta‡, David C. Van Essen§,
and Marcus E. Raichle*द

Then Look at one lab at Yale's Kavli Institute, find David McCormick's page 
(he has a very interesting lab), then do to his publications and find this 

Neuronal Networks: Flip-Flops in
the Brain

Funky staff! I don't think McCormick actually fully appreciates how much he 
advanced a number of studies with this poorly recognised paper.

aRE YOU ALSO FROM nOVA SCOTIA? (sympatico.ca ?)?

Let me know what you think.

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