[Neuroscience] More than fifty leading world autism experts now taking part in largest-ever free online conference

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More than fifty of the world's leading experts will now be taking
part in Awares' free
international online autism conference - making it the largest such
conference ever to be
held. You can register for free right now at www.autism2006.org to read
the abstracts of
many of the experts' papers and exchange views with other conference
delegates in the
online Foyer Café. The conference opens officially on October 4, 2006,

Among the new names of autism experts who, I am delighted to say, have
told me they are
happy to take part in the conference are:  Merry Barua, director of
India's leading
autism organisation, Action for Autism (in fact, it is the primary
organisation in South Asia specialising in autistic spectrum disorders
and related pervasive developmental
disabilities); Dr Dinah Murray, a worker, researcher, writer,
campaigner and teacher in the field of autism and its variants; Dr Ulla
Holck from Aalborg University in Denmark,
who is one of the world's leading authorities on music therapy for
children with autism;
Professor Isabelle Rapin, one of the best-known autism researchers,
professor of
neurology and paediatrics (Neurology) at the Albert Einstein College of
Medicine in New
York, who has a long-standing clinical and research interest in autism,
disorders - including deafness and developmental language disorders;
Jeanette Purkis, an
Australian artist with Asperger'ssyndrome; Professor Robert DeLong,
professor of
paediatrics (Neurology) at Duke University, whose major interests,
aside from clinical
child neurology, are paediatric neurobehavioural disorders, especially
early delineation
of childhood bipolar disorder, and autism; Christine Breakey, who has
expertise in further and higher education and was responsible for
setting up and
developing the Autism Support Service at Sheffield College, in the UK;
Professor Colwyn
Trevarthen, professor (Emeritus) of child psychology and psychobiology
at the University
of Edinburgh;  Dr David Beversdorf, from Ohio State University, and Dr
Dirk Dhossche from
University of Mississippi Medical Centre.

Anyone is welcome to log on - parents, people with autism, researchers,
teachers and social workers. Please take a moment to register now (at
www.autism2006.org) and make a note in your diary to join us on October

Topics for discussion include: Brain Research, Biomedical Approaches,
Asperger's syndrome, Autism and relationships, Autism and computers,
methods, First-hand experiences - Voices from the spectrum, Genetics,
Autism and the
environment, Music therapy, Language and autism, Autism in adolescents
and Adults with

All the autism experts will be available in the week of October 4 to 11
to answer your
questions. Other speakers include Donna Williams and Wendy Lawson, two
of the world's
best-known autistic writers and speakers; Professor Simon Baron-Cohen,
Professor Laurent
Mottron, Professor Jill Boucher and Professor Helen Tager-Flusberg,
four of the world's
most outstanding autism experts; Chris and Gisela Slater-Walker (a
married couple who
provide two brilliant papers on living with Chris's Asperger's
syndrome); Dr Darold
Treffert and Dr Richard Becker, the world's two leading authorities
on autistic savants;
Larry Arnold and Danny Beath, both articulate men with Asperger's
syndrome;  Paul
Shattock and Dr Karl Reichelt, two of the world's foremost experts on
autism and diet;
Dennis Debbaudt, the world's top authority on training the emergency
services to
recognise and understand autism; Dr Martha Herbert and Dr Richard
Lathe, two specialists
on the toxicology of autism; Jacqui Jackson, mother of seven children
(including four on
the autistic spectrum) and her son, Luke, a well-known author and
speaker with Asperger's
syndrome, and Chantal Sicile-Kira, one of the top experts on
adolescence in the United
States, who, in her paper, provides wonderfully clear practical tips
for teenagers with

To find out more about Autism2006, register and receive email updates
with all the latest
conference news, please go to www.autism2006.org

For further details, please contact myself at adam at autismcymru.org or
telephone Laura
Morgan on (0)29 20464940 in Cardiff. To register for Autism2006, simply
go to

Many of the abstracts are available online now at www.autism2006.org
and the full papers
will be available from the beginning of October 2006. Experts will be
on-line to answer
questions in person between October 4-11.

Best wishes,

Adam Feinstein

adam at autismcymru.org

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