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Tue Apr 3 20:39:38 EST 2007

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 10:24:47 +1000, "Entertained by my own EIMC"
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>> On Tue, 3 Apr 2007 17:27:19 -0400, "Glen M. Sizemore"
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>>>>> More long-winded than I had hoped but there
>>>>>you have it.
>>>> That is why working on lobster  stomach (as in stomatogastric system)
>>>> is so much less worrisome!
>>>Wise of you to keep it short, Dr. Norman. You knew that saying anything 
>>>than one sentence would probably get me going again.
>> I don't actually mind long winded stuff if, like yours, it has some
>> actual content.  It is just that I am a bit preoccupied right now and
>> don't have the time to spend reading it that carefully and responding
>> to the technical details.  I do like the overall tone, though.
>My EPT interpretation of your discussion is simply this:
>Both of you are *potentially* and unknowingly scared [I'd say 'SHITScared' 
>:-)] of what you would find if you analyzed habituation comprehensively 
>enough (not just in depth but in dEPTh) and by force of this same scope of 
>analytical logic you were brought close to touch on the topic of 
>It is clear to me that this is a topic that to people near the norm of 
>neuroscientific attitudes (where you two seem to be) is 
>"effectively/presumably taboo".

Perhaps people "near the norm of neuroscientific attitudes" simply
have a better perspective on what is good science.

Sorry, I just could help myself!  But I am also arrogant enough to
actually believe it.

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