[Neuroscience] Re: Q on vestibular system: Acceleration or velocity?

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|I should add, that I used to get snippy with Ken, thinking I had
| something to prove by disagreeing with him, but in the end I realised
| that we were arguing from different principles, and so I decided to
| accept that his views are valid in his frame of reference, as I believe
| mine are in my frame of reference, and that he deserves the same respect
| as any other person interested in these questions.
| I only get angry with people who try to obtain money or power from
| others - and I don't think Ken's in it for the money, he's in it because
| he can't help but be interested in the brain, just like I can't.  We
| don't have much of use to add to each other's arguments, but I respect
| his motivation and his honesty.  His ideas are not mainstream science,
| but unlike Richard Dawkins I'm fine with others having a dissenting way
| of seeing things!

True Grace.

k. p. collins 

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