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On Apr 18, 3:12 am, r norman <r_s_norman from _comcast.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 22:18:45 +0800, "¶­Ðñ" <hsli... from gmail.com> wrote:
> >hi everyone, i'm new in computational neuroscience and I've got a question.
> >If three neurons were connected to form a closed circuit. Would the spiking
> >signal transfer in the circuit permanently or would it decrease and finally
> >disappear?
> >the question is derived from the modeling of spiking neuron networks.
> >According to which, if one neuron spikes, and the electricity voltage is
> >above the next neuron's threshold, it would spike the next one.  So in a
> >model neural network, the signal would transfer persistently.
> >regards.

It would depend on the neurons in question. Some neurons can fire
>300Hz and have facilitating synapses, others are hard to push past
20Hz and have rapidly depressing synapses. If you had the features of
the first, i.e. fast firing and non-depressing synapses (combined with
enough synaptic strength to make the next neuron fire, i.e. lots of
synapses or high strength synapses) your loop might work.

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