[Neuroscience] Re: A Purely-Electronic Brain -- Possible?

konstantin kouzovnikov via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by myukhome from hotmail.com)
Mon Apr 23 10:45:07 EST 2007

Dear r norman:

was enjoying your latest comments; would you help me with the following?

>There do exist groups who are very active in modeling true neuronal
>activity, including local potentials,

I am  interested in understanding some "local" mechanisms which do not rely 
on spikes, but on other mechanisms. Say, I am looking at a "chain" of groups 
of neurons which, as it was assumed, are organized within 100(mu)ml 
functionally, not structurally, self-organized clusters of rather otherwise 
undifferentiated mass of neural tissue; the task is to ID which cluster is 
active at the moment (among, say, 25 or so clusters); now, being absolutely 
out of my wits on that topic, would you recommend a group(s) or an 
individual(s) able to direct me to some reading material on the subject?


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