[Neuroscience] Subject: urethane anesthesia

Ana.Cervera-Ferri from uv.es via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by Ana.Cervera-Ferri from uv.es)
Mon Apr 30 08:44:33 EST 2007


I am a PhD student and I am starting with the electrophysiology. We are
trying to record neuronal activity in rats during urethane anesthesia
but we are having lots of problems with this. I am first anesthetizing
with isofluorane and then 15% urethane in distilled water I.P. at 1.5 to
1.8 g/kg. Usually it takes a lot of time for them to loss reflexes and
sometimes they die before we could start recording (and also they use to
die very early). I also use local topic lidocaine in pressure points. 

Any advise? What dose should I use? 


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