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3rd and final THEME SESSIONS CALL                      

The LCM committee and local organizers call for theme session proposals for the third conference in the series Language, Culture and Mind. The conference will be held in modern and comfortable conference facilities in ODENSE 14TH-16TH JULY, 2008. The conference aims at establishing an interdisciplinary forum for an integration of cognitive, social and cultural perspectives in theoretical and empirical studies of language and communication. The special theme of the conference is Social Life and Meaning Construction.

We call for contributions from scholars and scientists in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, social interaction, discourse analysis, cognitive and neuroscience, who wish both to impart their insights and findings, and learn from other disciplines. Preference will be given to submissions which emphasize interdisciplinarity, the interaction between social life, culture, mind and language, and/or multi-methodological approaches in language and communication sciences.


       *First call for Theme Sessions:                       April 1, 2007
       * Second call for Theme Sessions:                    May 1, 2007
       * Third call for Theme Sessions:                     June 1, 2007
       * Deadline for Theme Sessions submissions:      September, 2007 NOTICE EXTENSION!
       * Notification for Theme Sessions :                  October 1, 2007 NOTICE EXTENSION!

NOTICE: calls for the general session and for posters will be made later.

Submissions guidelines

Max. 500 words (including references)
To be submitted to lcm from language.sdu.dk <mailto:lcm from language.sdu.dk>
Submissions will be evaluated according to their

 *       Relevance
 *       Quality
 *       Coherence
 *       Originality
 *       Organization

Once your suggestion is approved, you will need to arrange for Theme Session Contributors for your theme. They will need to submit abstracts for their contributions and as Theme Session Organizer you will be responsible for their review. More than one person may organize a theme.

 NOTICE: The LCM reserves the right to reject papers accepted by Theme Session reviewers. However, this right will only be exercised if accepted papers deviate too far from the goals of LCM with respect to their content and/or quality.

Plenary speakers:
Michael Chandler (University of British Columbia)
Alessandro Duranti (University of California at Los Angeles)                 
Derek Edwards (University of Loughborough)
Marianne Gullberg  (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics)
Esa Itkonen (University of Turku)

Conference Website:


Earlier LCM conferences:

1st LCM conference: Portsmouth 2004
2nd LCM conference: Paris 2006 <http://www.lcm2006.net/>

The international LCM committee:

Raphael Berthele
Carlos Cornejo
Caroline David
Merlin Donald
Barbara Fultner
Anders R. Hougaard
Jean Lassègue
John A Lucy
Aliyah Morgenstern
Eve Pinsker
Vera da Silva Sinha
Chris Sinha

The local organizing committee:

Center for Social Practises and Cognition (SoPraCon):

Rineke Brouwer
Dennis Day
Annette Grindsted
Anders R. Hougaard
Gitte R. Hougaard (Director)
Kristian Mortensen

Scientific Committee (incomplete list)

Anne Salazar Orvig
Meredith Williams
Todd Oakley
Jonathan Potter
Robin Wooffitt
Alan Cienki
Cornellia Müller
Ewa Dabrowska
Edy Veneziano
Shaun Gallagher
Edwin Hutchins


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