[Neuroscience] field IPSP recording in CA1 area

blueocean12 from tom.com via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by blueocean12 from tom.com)
Fri Aug 17 10:17:03 EST 2007

I got about 0.2 mv fIPSP (add APV and DNQX in the perfusion
solution)and it can be demonished by 10um bicuculline.
I place stimulate electrod in the middle third of stratum radiatum to
stimulate schaffer collateral at 0.05Hz and the recording electrode in
the pyramidale layer. But the maximum response I can get is only
0.2mv.  Anybody can give me suggestion to get larger fIPSP? I saw a
paper said they can get 0.4mv fIPSP. Thanks!

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