[Neuroscience] Re: Carotenoid Transport into the RPE

Don W via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by dwilgus from prodigy.net)
Mon Dec 10 15:59:21 EST 2007


  Noticed (after I sent the last note) that a/the LAST study (Lutein 
antioxidant supplementation 2004 study) also tied in macular pigment 
increases with lutein intake _and_ the acuity increases.  And just recently 
(as far as my (this early am) searches) there is a LAST II study report in 
Optometry (May 2007) by Richer that discusses macular pigment increases 
(please see PubMed if interested).  To me, this is most profound, take is to 
take a supplement and to see (and measure (several techniques available, 
also!!)) the result.  And hopefully, have possible acuity increases in this 
process.  Will try to get the full Aleman's paper and Richer's paper. 
Abstracts leave out too much.

  So where are we with what you think the zinc level should be?

  Re wired implants:  There is something bothersome to see a neuron axon 
(dendrite) draped across a silicon substrate tied to a terminal post. 
Wireless anyone?

  Other stuff .... later.

Don W.

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