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> John,
>  Noticed (after I sent the last note) that a/the LAST study (Lutein 
> antioxidant supplementation 2004 study) also tied in macular pigment 
> increases with lutein intake _and_ the acuity increases.  And just 
> recently (as far as my (this early am) searches) there is a LAST II study 
> report in Optometry (May 2007) by Richer that discusses macular pigment 
> increases (please see PubMed if interested).  To me, this is most 
> profound, take is to take a supplement and to see (and measure (several 
> techniques available, also!!)) the result.  And hopefully, have possible 
> acuity increases in this process.  Will try to get the full Aleman's paper 
> and Richer's paper. Abstracts leave out too much.
>  So where are we with what you think the zinc level should be?

I do not believe one can advise specific individuals on specfic levels for 
supplements. Individual requirements can vary greatly and change according 
to their state of health. While I definitely think people with retinal 
degeneration should be taking supplements like lutein in general I think it 
is far better to focus on a good diet for the greater part of our nutrition. 
In particular focus on glutathione enhancing nutrients like 
sulfurophanes(eg. broccoli is excellent), selenium(brazil nuts), and alpha 
lipoic acid(asparagus?). You really need to have tests done to determine the 
best levels for each individual and this is expensive and can be difficult.

There is some speculation that macular pigment provides glare tolerance. The 
pigment protects against the oxidative effects of UV and blue light but 
increasingly I'm inclined to think that just bright light is an issue. Get 
sunnies not with UV AND blue light filtering capacity. Wrap around type.

You might want to look at caloric restriction, it can have remarkable 
neuroprotective qualities. In relation to AMD the literature is sparse but 
other studies indicate retinal protection from the same. However I am not 
sure the protective value here is that great.

I received an email from my friend the other night, their daughter's 
eyesight has stabilised since starting the regime. Hopeful, wishful 
thinking, but given prior to that there was noticeable deterioration 
occurring it is better than the converse ... . Way too early to tell. If it 
does work I am going to kick that ophthalmologist's arse. Lazy prick.

You might want to look at this. I haven't had time to examine it yet but as 
a SOD nutrient that shows definite promise. Improving SODs levels is 
definitely a worthy goal for everyone.


>  Re wired implants:  There is something bothersome to see a neuron axon 
> (dendrite) draped across a silicon substrate tied to a terminal post. 
> Wireless anyone?
>  Other stuff .... later.
> Don W.

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