[Neuroscience] Re: Carotenoid Transport into the RPE

Don W via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by dwilgus from prodigy.net)
Wed Dec 12 20:39:08 EST 2007


  Regarding "Health News".  I did know someone that did carry wet laundry 
(many years ago) from the basement to the attic clothes lines (winter, no 
drier in that era, up 3 flights of stairs). The "conventional health wisdom" 
then was that short spurts of energy expendature was "hard on the heart". 
When they moved to a retirement community, they could hear ambulance sirens 
all about them, wondering what all that was about, coming for the cardiac 
cases.  But never to their house.  Turns out, years later, the conventional 
wisdom was that short spurts of workout were ok.  X years later, though.

  In ARMD, I have not seen any studies that tie down the level of cardiac 
fitness with disease slowing.  And I don't see too many Rx's saying to 
increase fitness.  How come, hard to measure?

Don W.

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