[Neuroscience] LTP and STDP

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Sun Feb 18 13:32:18 EST 2007

Hello everybody

while studying for my Masters in neuroscience i am learning a lot but i dont
always understand everything immediately. So i'd like to pose some

For LTP it is necessary that Glutamate and Glycine be bound at the same
receptor. So i was wondering where the Glycine is from. Is it co stored in
the same vesicles as Glutamate?

In Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity (STDP) experiments, stimulation of
adjacent retinal Neurons by spike trains  causes a change in intracortical
connections in V1. These translate into a receptive field orientation change
in V1 and this leads to a shift in the percieved postition of the stimulus.
BUT  the percieved postition change and the receptive field change  are in
oppostite directions to one another.
I dont understand why. Is ist because retinal images have to be mirrored
because of lens passage?

If someone is interested: The article i got  it from  is : Spike timing
dependent plasticity, from synapse to perception by yang dan and mu-ming
poo; physiol rev  vol 86

Thank you for your time


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