[Neuroscience] Thalamocortical slices

Imre Vida via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by I.Vida from bio.gla.ac.uk)
Tue Feb 20 03:51:47 EST 2007


> Today I cut thalamocortical slices (from 5 week of mice) along the
> lines of the Agmon and Connors 1991 paper. I had to cut them thinner
> than they suggested (300uM). I can't even seem to get a cortical field
> potential when I stimulate in the thalamus. I'm guessing this means
> I'm selecting slices that are too far caudal/rostral or possibley one
> of many other reasons. The slices themselves are viable (hippocampal
> field potential, cortical cells are normal from the intracellular
> point of view).
It's not only the c-r level but also the angle that could be critical.
And, in this respect thicker slices would give you more tolerance.


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