[Neuroscience] Re: LTP and STDP

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Tue Feb 20 05:29:25 EST 2007

<Cervellone from gmail.com> wrote:

> I am very sorry, but i didnt undestand a lot of your explanation. You
> use i think a lot of computational neuroscience terms im not familiar
> with. 

Jean-Pierre, KP does not use terms from computational neuroscience. He
uses terms from his very own theory on neuroscience. His theory is ...
let's say controversial. All in all I would say very few if any
investigators in the established neuroscience field agree with him.

I think this is something people new to neuroscience looking into this
group should be aware of.

As to your actual questions: as someone not working in STDP I'm afraid I
can't say all too much to them right now. It is conceivable that glycin
and glutamate are co-released from the same synapse. There are a number
of "regulars" in this group who only look in from time to time. If
you're patient I think it is quite probable that you will receive a

All the best, Christian 

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