[Neuroscience] Re: LTP and STDP

Cervellone from gmail.com via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by Cervellone from gmail.com)
Wed Feb 21 06:10:23 EST 2007

> First, I realized, after I posted my pre-
> vious reply, that my comments are
> True only if the phenomena the pap-
> er you cited are True -- I've not read
> the paper, nor was I previously aware
> of the specific stuff you discussed.
> On to your current post:
> 'stdp' are non-information-containing
> =artifacts= of TD E/I-minimization.
> =Nothing= is 'timed' within nervous
> system function.
> =Everything= is determined by en-
> ergy-gradients.
Id like to discuss all that with you because right now im really into
all this timing and oscillation stuff but good marks are my priority
so ill put that on hold till im finished

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