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Wed Feb 21 21:23:54 EST 2007

Dear Ken,

I have now read this thread.

This is the kind of writing you should be doing!!!

Cut out your declarations of practically useless laments and 
over-generalized (but neurotic-
defense-providing for you personally) 'sorrowfulness'. ;-|

I wish you could permanently resolve the neurotically defensive (<=AEVASIVE) 
and irrational part of your personality and start to incorporate - into your 
uniquely detailed *but as yet* only penultimately unifying picture of What 
Is going on - the for fundamental natural reasons *least known* aspect of 
our evolution and neuropsychophysiology (the one that I have most centrally 
concEPTually captured by "AEVASIVE").

If you did, our two different (but then only by degree of explicit detail) 
science-aligend views would get along *really* well! :-)

Other than an absence of religious (and 
ought-to-be-self-embarrassing-to-you) ramblings [such as ..."Jesus 
knew"...], the by me wished for change would be clearly noticable by a no 
longer glaring absence (in your writings) of explicit acknowledgments of the 
frequency-triggered (TD E/I up triggered - especially by such "ups" within 
the protopathic system) "gating" functions that prevents precariously 
pointless actentions (mental and/or behavioral activity) being "paid" to 
SHITS and to by such predicaments "put" CURSES (insidious brain states that 
normally gets automatically "put" within "Actention Systems" situated in 
such predicaments or ordeals).

Wishful thinking is mostly a waste of time - but in my case it at least 
tends to be associated with something EPT. ;->


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>>> [...]
>> [...]
> "Aw hell!" Please disregard my post,
> linked-to above.
> I've decided to just 'wing-it'.
> I want to do other stuff, too.
> So I'll just do the "easy" version.
> Just the basics of how to cross-
> correlate TD E/I with nerual to-
> pology. It's for the best, anyway,
> because each "Student" has to
> find their =own= way of doing
> such cross-correlation, and, if
> they want to, do the work, inherent,
> themselves. [It's worth-the-work
> because it enables one to see
> other stuff. But one has to do it
> for one's self. It can't be 'poured-
> in' -- because such doesn't act-
> ually result in the necessary
> 3-D-E Directionalities, which
> are what "learning" is.]
> I'm just going to give examples
> using the text of AoK, AP3 as an
> "outline."
> 'You' Direct your own 3-D-E.
> OK?
> If folks read anything that they
> want treated in more-detail,
> just ask, and I'll do a "side-
> bar" discussion.
> Basically, everything I'll discuss
> is already in any Good Neuro-
> anatomy text. All I'll be doing is
> showing how to see TD E/I-min-
> imization [and globally-integrated
> 3-D-E] in the neural topology,
> which is also in the texts, but
> only 'implicitly'.
> Sorry about my 'flowery' ["Pom-
> pous"] preceding post [I was
> 'pretending' to 'be' that which
> I'm not -- my ["twisted"] 'interpret-
> ation' of a 'professor'. After posting
> the msg, I saw that that way doesn't
> work for me, so I 'tossed' that
> ill-conceived 'plan'.
> Feel better already.
> TD E/I-minimization :-]
> ken [k. p. collins]

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