[Neuroscience] Series resistance and capacitance compensation in current clamp

Hyunchul Lee via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by hlee from medsci.usyd.edu.au)
Thu Feb 22 05:50:49 EST 2007


We have an old HEKA EPC 7 patch clamp amplifier which we're using to 
make whole cell recordings from medium spiny neurons in the striatum.
We HAVEN'T been compensating for capacitance or series resistance in our 
A couple of questions:

1. Will this stuff up our membrane potential values during large current 
steps (<1nA)?  In what way?
2. Is there any legitimate way we can adjust our data post-hoc?
3. Will compensating make a difference in current clamp for our case?  
The manual seems to indicate that it won't.. It doesn't do fast 
current-clamp either.


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