[Neuroscience] Can a single neuron release multiple neurotransmitters?

Zachary Tong via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by polyfractal At gmail.com)
Tue Jan 2 21:10:13 EST 2007

I was curious if single neurons have the ability to release multiple 
neurotransmitters, or if each neuron was limited to one specific 
transmitter.  If they can have multiple transmitters, how is it decided 
which transmitter is released?  Are they all dumped into the synapse at the 
same time?  My understanding is that vesicles are sensitive to calcium ion 
levels and will release their transmitters when the concentration reaches a 
certain point.  This seems that if there are multiple types of 
transmitters, the vesicles would release them all at the same time.

-Zachary Tong

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