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> Hi,
> As a grad student with boatloads of neuro training, I could put in more
> than 2 cents worth. As Glen says, there's a good deal of hyperbole
> here.

There are plenty of irrational or fruitless (or worse) intellectual and
political attitudes that one might feel inclined to poke a polemic stick at.

[One such attitude could make someone ask something as stupid as e.g.:
"Where exactly within Glen's brain is his green envy located, and where is 
the center of his evil khaki-colored qualia?", or (for a less complex and 
somewhat less crazy question), "Is Glen not a mind-nut?".]

If one does poke a polemic stick, one effect might be like stirring up a
hornets' nest; Another, equally likely (but not if the pokee is Glen), 
effect might be that
the poke is staunchly put up with and ignored.

On the other hand, people who are compelled to perceive (rightly or wrongly) 
and preoccupy themselves with picking on other people's philosophical 
inconsistences may have a bee in the bonnet.

One such fault-fighting focus might be placed on other people's 
brain|mind-dichotomizing diction during their mental grappling (more often 
than "dealing") with (and/or debating) the meaning of "consciousness".

[BTW, this dichotomy can be seen to be more or less related (or not totally 
dissimilar) to the following jaded lingual juxtapositions:
A. structure|function;
B. nature|nurture;
C. chickens|eggs;
D. love|hate;
And last on this list an item that I have included just in case it helps to 
bring about a tiny bit more balance to what goes on within a certain 
hardboiled egghead I know ;-), namely
E. eggs|chickens ;-).]

Another fault-fighting focus might targeted onto that most people use of the 
word "consciousness" without their having beforehand decided what it is that 
they themselves mean by it.

I'll now provide a pointer to what 'kind of bee' that might be that inclined 
someone to complain about (or have a fault-fighting fixation on) things 
about other people such as the two (basically evolved, etymology pertaining) 
tendencies exemplified above.

It would be too easy and shallow to say that it is a symptom of an 
unreasonable intolerance of (or, irritation with combined with not in-depth 
enough insight into) people's ought-to-be-Embarrassing Proclivity To discern 
dualities, and an inability dig deep enough into the muddy meaning of 

[The "E P T highlight", immediately above, is a textual enhancement pointing 
at Glen.
It is meant to be a reminder, to him, about of how inEPT I know he still is. 
Don't worry, he will 'get my message' precisely the way I meant it to be 
received by him.;->]

What is more my point is to point out that it can also be symptomatic of 
that the
complainer has insidiously motivating dynamic "imprints" left behind in his
brain [~= his "actention system" - alt. "actention selection system"] from 
early in his (or her) life.

The imprints are of a kind that are usually left behind as a consequence of 
*more or less slowly "traumatizing" predicaments* that such a complainer has 
been in; Especially (his) personal 'occasions of ordeal' that so often 
surround and (centrally include the impact of) being born, followed by 
further traumatically adverse lifetime challenges during (his) infancy and 

I should have been more specific than what it is possible to be if one uses 
(as I did) the word "trauma". I should have since the word trauma is too 
commonly and readily associated with events by which individuals get 
seriously physically (and typically also relatively suddenly) injured.
Instead I could have written:
"....as a consequence of more or less
slowly _*specific/synaptic hibernation* 'imploring' [in the sense of 
crucially requiring]_ predicaments....".

[What I am referring to when I write something along the
lines of "specific/synaptic hibernation imploring type predicaments" are any 
particular lifetime stressor, situations, or sources/causes of stimulation 
(mainly environmental such) that require in order NOT to trigger a lethal or
decisively debilitating/maladaptive *self-defeating* response - whether the 
response may involve too much synaptic inhibition (i.e. "synaptic 
hibernation" which mutes the metabolism, and freezes the firing mechanisms, 
of excitatory neurons) or too little - an adaptively selective or 
sufficiently specifically (as opposed to generally) localized active neural 
inhibition involving inhibitory neurotransmitters.
The above is only a part (though an important and rather large part) of the 
meaty (science-aligned and appropriately, realistically and widely 
associative) meaning that
I did always intend and aim to build into this particular example of my 
partly MAD-inspired "etymologically pioneering terminology". That is, such 
is the meaning of ~ "specific/synaptic hibernation imploring type stressors" 
(or ~SHITS~, for short).]

Herewith I propose (or officially place on offer) the by me percEPTively 
produced (but not without error plagued trials elooquantily produced) term 
It is a fresh and far from inEPTly produced pointer to (or way to, with an 
implicit in-depth definition, distinKtly acronymically address) _adverse_ 
"presence type" and/or "absence type" stressors [the opposite of which is an 
availability of appropriate - growth and health optimizing -amounts and 
kinds of sensory stimulation from environmental sources]
that, in order to be successfully coped with, demand selective 
'neuro-inhibitory' preclusion
[an active ongoing preclusion within the "actention module/repertoire 
containing" nervous system - or "actention (selection) system"] of otherwise 
automatically ensuing self-defeating/futile/hopless (respective} 
"actentions" (or ditto "focuses", or
"paying", of actention).

That is, such "imprints" can eventually give rise to (or insidiously drive 
or come to endogenously co-motivate) such fault-fighting symptoms (amongst a 
vast variety of others symptoms).

IOW Glen's complaining can be a symptom of an imbalanced (even whilst quite 
relatively well-functioning, overall) *mind*.
(I hope you - and especially Glen - don't mind me using this word as a
synonym for brain. ;->)

Something about how "such imprints" can be (are collectively) 

I often prefer to refer to them as "CURSES". (This is the shortest spelling 
I could come up with that looks and sounds thusly allusive. (All other 
identically pronounced spellings of this concEPT are both more spooky 
looking and have a more thoroughly defining semantic substructure.:-))

However, other people mean approximately the same thing with "Pain" or 

Yet others use the blandly euphemistic term "engrams";

Moreover, mainstream mentioners of the same insidious factor [a factor
behind the _in comparison to individuals of other species, far more
elaborate_ "AEVASIVE" {another concEPT) aspect of a typical human phenotype 
/ culture / personality] seem to be happy making do with more clumsy,
vague, and talentless ways of addressing the same "conditoned-in" alteration
of "functure" that underly [or the same "synaptic hibernation imploring
type" (SHIT) predicaments (or ordeals) that induced the CURSESs that drive]

Amost lastly:
I might as well also point out how to (as appropriate) "concEPTually fuse" a 
neural pattern of activity that produces an overt or covert preoccupation 
(or "paying of attention") with a likewise 
metabolic-resource-consumption-requiring and approximately specific (but 
presumably never to be 100% specifiable) subjective-experience-producing 
and/or sensory-motor _function_ producing, pattern of neural activity.

Simply acquire enough of a realistically tolerance principled attitude to be 
able to utter the concEPT "actention" - which is obviously a mere amalgam of 
the words "attention" and "action".

And BTW, actentions [implying including levels and "lines" (Janov/Holden), 
specific contents, and intensities, of "ConsciousnessT" (thus dually flagged 
concEPTual precision)
:->]  can also be seen as "tolerably" specific, neurometabolically 
energized, modular patterns that are manifestations of a basically 
quantum-weird brainspacetime embedded in an higher-dimensional, in some (not 
all certain) ways infinte, Multiverse.


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