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>> John H. wrote:
>>> When I look in the mirror right\left is inverted. Why do I not appear
>>> upside down?
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> Nervous systems achieve this very-useful [ab-
> solutely-survival-essential] end by doing only
> one thing -- they 'strive' 'blindly' and auto-
> matically to minimize the topologically-distrib-
> uted ratios of excitation to inhibition that are
> occurring within themselves. [...]

Why understanding this is important is because
the TD E/I-minimization function orders everything
that occurs within nervous systems and, yet, it is

This is why, for instance, people who experience
in different environments come to 'value' that which
is routinely experienced and 'devalue' that which
is not routinely experienced.

This happens not because this or that is inherently
more 'valuable' but simply because, since everything
that occurs within nervous systems is ordered via
'simple' TD E/I-minimization, that which is routinely
experienced comes to be relatively-more TD E/I-min-
imized than anything that is never, or only rarely, ex-

Why this is important is that, because that which
is routinely experienced does, in fact, become
relatively-more TD E/I-minimized, and because
nervous system function is, in fact, completely
organized via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mom-
imization, "affect" is aligned correspondingly.

The result of these things not being generally
comprehended is that people kill or otherwise
ravage one another [as is readily-apparent in
the news on a daily basis], even to the point of
organizing to wage war upon 'out-groups', for
the sole 'reason' that various people and pop-
ulation groups have come to be 'familiar', not
with different 'truths', but because their exper-
iences have driven TD E/I-minimization within
individual nervous systems differentially.

This has been the 'state' of 'humanity' thus far.

People murdering one another, not because
this, that, or the other thing is, in fact, relatively-
more 'valuable' or 'correct', but simply because
this, that, or the other thing does, in fact enable
relatively more TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems.

To date, it has been such 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended,
that has been responsible for all of "man's
inhumanity to man."

It's 'funny' when one come to understand this,
but mostly exceedingly-sorrowful -- because
one comprehends that folks 'argue' about
literally nothing and ravage one another's
beings for the same absence-of-reason.

What's existed, to date, has been humans
'wanting' to experience TD E/I-minimization
within their own nervous systems, never
comprehending the fact that that's what every
other nervous system 'wants', too -- and
Truth has never, yet, entered into the equation
through which behavior is converged upon.

It's tragic that it's been so, but not hopeless
because nervous systems can understand
[can incorporate understanding] with respect
to how and why nervous system function is
everywhere ordered via TD E/I-minimization.

When this is generally comprehended,
the killing -- and war -- will cease.

Without such general understanding, there
exists only the possibility of savagery that
will, on average, augment monotonically
until 'humanity' destroys itself.

That's what's 'funny' -- that such nothing-
ness, left uncomprehended, can destroy
the 'grand mechanisms' that deem it 'ap-
propriate' to ravage "not-self".

See the absurdity inherent?

TD E/I-minimization left uncomprehended
deigns to 'presume' that what it does con-
stitutes "thinking", when all it actually does
is 'move toward' TD E/I(down) and 'move
away from' TD E/I(up), when what becomes
correlated to both the former and the latter
is completely defined by the neural activation
that actually occurs within any individual
nervous system -- put a nervous system in
any 'closed' environment and it 'blindly' and
automatically comes to 'value' whatever is
'contained within' that environment.

See the problem?

International and cultural borders do exactly

And people kill, and otherwise  ravage one
another 'simply' be-cause they 'think'
TD E/I-minimization 'is truth'.

See the problem?

It's why its been so deplorable that, although
how and why TD E/I-minimization governs
nervous system function has been reified
for more than 35 'years', this understanding
has not been communicated, even amongst

I apologize for having to point that out, but
it's a useful way to get across the point
about about the way that 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization leaves folks 'moving
away from' Truth.

Think about it.

Folks "in science" go on and on about
"wanting to understand", but because
understanding is 'unfamiliar' to them -- 
since, because they've not yet experienced
it, no TD E/I-minimization has occurred
with respect to it within their nervous sys-
tems, and, on the 'basis' of the TD E/I that
occurs within their nervous systems when
they encounter the understanding, they 'move
away from' the understanding, even though
they superficially profess to be 'seeking' the
very understanding that they 'move away

It's 'funny'.

And exceedingly-tragic.


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