[Neuroscience] used alalog/digital data acquistion equipment

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Sat Jan 27 07:35:42 EST 2007

I have 3 sets of Grass amplifiers for data acquisition:
1 Model 78:  16 AC channels, 2 DC channels which can be run with paper or interfaced with digital equipment.  I have digital equipment (Medcare) and the connections.

2 Model 12's: 13 AC channels and 1 AC/DC channel with analog/digital connections equipment and medcare digital equipment.

2 ambulatory systems with data acquisition able to collect 14-16 channels of data depending on configueration. 

cup electrodes, air sensors, pressure belts, infrared video equipment.  

One has to know what they are doing to use this equipment i.e. not plug and play stuff.

Della Williams

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