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On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 12:42:58 GMT, "Benjamin" <Benjamin At verizon.net>

>"They are making correct logical inferences on an abstract representation of 
>their world, which would usually be called 'reasoning' in humans," he said."
>The story is about fish making inferences from
>All of the stuff discussed in the story is also all
>TD E/I-minimization.

I have many of the Tanganyika species that the article mentions. They
seem to have reasoning capability or do they? 

They spend most of the day maintaining their territories and getting
involved in little fights. Every day I feed the fish at 09:00, 14:00
and 23:00. Just before feeding time they stop their fights and move to
the feeding place. Does this mean they can tell the time?  I don't
give them any visual clues. 

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