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> | Hello everyone.
> |
> | I'm not sure this is the correct place to ask, and I do apologize if
> | it is not, but I was looking for information about the brain's
> | perception of pain relative to action potential frequencies,
> | preferably in journal form. The nerves we are studying in particular
> | are the a-delta, a-beta and c-fibers. I have found a lot of
> | information relating perception of pain to stimulus intensity, but no
> | information about the effect of frequency on the brain's perception of
> | pain. If anyone has/knows where I could find any information, please
> | let me know. I do have access to many medical journals and the like
> | online and through library resources.
> |
> | Thank you in advance!
> |
> | MDL
> In the view I hold, to see 'pain',
> it's necessary to work at a higher-
> 'level' of =3Dintegrated=3D neural dyn-
> amics.
> 'pain' is always mapped-into 'the'
> nervous system in ways that in-
> crease excitation and decrease
> inhibition.
> To see such, one has to work at
> 'the level' of =3Dintegrated=3D neural
> dynamics.
> That is, single neural impulse ev-
> ents do not convey 'pain'.
> 'pain' gains it's existence in higher-
> 'level' =3Dintegrated=3D neural impulse
> dynamics that always result in a to-
> pologically-distributed increase in
> excitation and decrease in inhibi-
> tion [TD E/I(up).]
> I'll discuss this a bit more in the
> "How to See TD E/I" thread.
> ken [k. p. collins]

Pain can not be explained solely by single cell recording data,
however we can acquire some basic rules in the AP frequencies. I don't
know what exactly that will be, but I think that the information could
be well coded in the frequencies.

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