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> > Hello everyone.
> > I'm not sure this is the correct place to ask, and I do apologize if
> > it is not, but I was looking for information about the brain's
> > perception of pain relative to action potential frequencies,
> > preferably in journal form. The nerves we are studying in particular
> > are the a-delta, a-beta and c-fibers. I have found a lot of
> > information relating perception of pain to stimulus intensity, but no
> > information about the effect of frequency on the brain's perception of
> > pain. If anyone has/knows where I could find any information, please
> > let me know. I do have access to many medical journals and the like
> > online and through library resources.
> > Thank you in advance!
> > MDL
> Hi
> To my knowledge as other stimuli pain is coded by rate code of single
> neurons  and population code by the number of involved neurons but
> unlike pressure does not adapt....... etc
> What don't exacly understand is what you mean by frequency. Frequency
> where ? In peripheral Axons, In thalamus, In Sensory cortex ? Could
> you specify?
> J-P

Thank you everyone for the responses.

Our study basically involves determining whether different nerve
fibers in the arm can be selectively activated by different
frequencies of electrical stimuli to the nerves. Some information is
available on the action potential frequencies / discharge frequencies
of the nerves in reponse to electrical stimuli in rats (Koga K, Furue
H, Rashid MH, Takaki A, Katafuchi T, Yoshimura M: Selective activation
of primary afferent fibers evaluated by sine-wave electrical
stimulation.  Journal: Molecular Pain, 2005, 1(1):13, March 25, 2005)
&  (Handwerker HO, Anton F, Reeh PW: Discharge patterns of afferent
cutaneous nerve fibers from the rat's tail during prolonged noxious
mechanical stimulation.  Journal: Experimental Brain Research, 1987,
65(3):493-504.), However we have been unable to find similar
information for humans. We do have our own simulated data, however if
possible we would like to locate a study on the topic that has
actually been carried out on human subjects. Basically, I'm looking
for a study or some information of any kind just like the information
in the two papers above, except done with human subjects instead of
rats. Also, we are looking into the pain thresholds in regard to the
action potential firing frequencies of these nerves, that is, at what
firing frequency (on average with SDE etc, if possible) does the human
brain begin to perceive the sensation of pain from the nerve.

Thanks for any possible assistance or direction


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