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> Could anyone point me to any papers and articles exploring
> perception of text and if there are any differences in the
> understanding of content depending upon its direction? for
> example reading from top to bottom, left to right, and right
> to left?
> When we look at a scene or a picture we may habitually read
> the picture from the direction we have become most comfortable
> with, but are there any other reasons, eg neurological or the
> particular visual processing areas that are affected by movement
> of the eyes?
> I read that people who's first language was Chinese, tended to
> have a better overall perception of a scene and its content,
> ta :)

The following site discusses left and right brain activities.


For myself, I tend to scan the scenery from left to right.  I'm
finding I'm using my right hemisphere to begin my search
from the left.

However, with some effort, I can scan the scenery from
right to left.  I can feel my left hemisphere kicking in to
begin that search from the right.

The site I mention above claims:

Right brain...feeling and "big picture" oriented.
Left brain...logic and details oriented.

Remember that the left side of the body is commandeered by
the right side of the brain, just as the right side of the body
is controlled by the left side of the brain.

So, to read from left to right, top to bottom, it's a right
brain activity.

But to read from right to left bottom up is a left brain

It appears to me that the Chinese are far more logical
and details oriented than the highly emotionally
driven and often irrational Westerners.  ;-)

Take care,

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