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> > > Hello everyone.
> > > I'm not sure this is the correct place to ask, and I do apologize if
> > > it is not, but I was looking for information about the brain's
> > > perception of pain relative to action potential frequencies,
> > > preferably in journal form. The nerves we are studying in particular
> > > are the a-delta, a-beta and c-fibers. I have found a lot of
> > > information relating perception of pain to stimulus intensity, but no
> > > information about the effect of frequency on the brain's perception of
> > > pain. If anyone has/knows where I could find any information, please
> > > let me know. I do have access to many medical journals and the like
> > > online and through library resources.
> > > Thank you in advance!
> > > MDL
> > Hi
> > To my knowledge as other stimuli pain is coded by rate code of single
> > neurons  and population code by the number of involved neurons but
> > unlike pressure does not adapt....... etc
> > What don't exacly understand is what you mean by frequency. Frequency
> > where ? In peripheral Axons, In thalamus, In Sensory cortex ? Could
> > you specify?
> > J-P
> Thank you everyone for the responses.
> Our study basically involves determining whether different nerve
> fibers in the arm can be selectively activated by different
> frequencies of electrical stimuli to the nerves. Some information is
> available on the action potential frequencies / discharge frequencies
> of the nerves in reponse to electrical stimuli in rats (Koga K, Furue
> H, Rashid MH, Takaki A, Katafuchi T, Yoshimura M: Selective activation
> of primary afferent fibers evaluated by sine-wave electrical
> stimulation.  Journal: Molecular Pain, 2005, 1(1):13, March 25, 2005)
> &  (Handwerker HO, Anton F, Reeh PW: Discharge patterns of afferent
> cutaneous nerve fibers from the rat's tail during prolonged noxious
> mechanical stimulation.  Journal: Experimental Brain Research, 1987,
> 65(3):493-504.), However we have been unable to find similar
> information for humans. We do have our own simulated data, however if
> possible we would like to locate a study on the topic that has
> actually been carried out on human subjects. Basically, I'm looking
> for a study or some information of any kind just like the information
> in the two papers above, except done with human subjects instead of
> rats. Also, we are looking into the pain thresholds in regard to the
> action potential firing frequencies of these nerves, that is, at what
> firing frequency (on average with SDE etc, if possible) does the human
> brain begin to perceive the sensation of pain from the nerve.
> Thanks for any possible assistance or direction
> --MDL

After having read the abstract i doubt that you will find a similar
study in humans. Who would participate anyway? I think you will have
to extrapolate from fiber quality and isolated receptor potentials.
But  i usually find it very usseful to search for an article in pub
med and then browse carefuly all related articles that are shown. Not
only the  4 or five in the box but all on the separate page.

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