[Neuroscience] Re: Q on vestibular system: Acceleration or velocity?

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Tue Mar 6 20:42:36 EST 2007

When you say the vestibular system, you just mean the semi-circular
canals and the Otoliths? The respond to acceleration. They can't
respond to velocity, because velocity does not impart a force on the
moving object. Though how this is coded further down the pathway, past
the 8th nerve/vestibular neculei I have no idea.

On Mar 7, 12:15 am, Mathias <mathiasDOTfranz... from webDELETEME.de> wrote:
> Dear ng,
> I'm looking for a reference about whether the vestibular system yields
> an acceleration and/or velocity signal (e.g. used for the head direction
> and place cell system). Googling for this I found a website...http://paperairplane.mit.edu/16.423J/Space/SBE/neurovestibular/NeuroV...
> ... that claims the vestibular system outputs a velocity and not an
> acceleration signal "over the range of normal head movements".
> Unfortunately there is no reference and I'm not even certain about which
> species they talk.
> Any reference on this topic would be highly appreciated,
>     Mathias

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