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Wed Mar 7 12:47:54 EST 2007

No doubt you think that you are localizing your brain functions but,
unless you can confirm this with a blind study using imaging (EEG,
fMRI, MEG, etc), you are merely hallucinating.  If your only proof is
your perception, it is not reliable.


   On 7 Mar 2007 09:09:06 -0800, "hgraw from yahoo.com" <hgraw from yahoo.com>

>>On Mar 6, 7:51 pm, "Peter T. Daniels" <gramma... from verizon.net> wrote:
>>Peter wrote:
>> Jeezus, Heidi. If you can "feel" what your brain is doing, why the
>> hell are you wasting your time in a newsgroup, when you could be
>> earning millions as an informant for neurophysiologists?
>Peter, are you telling me you cannot feel what part of your brain
>is energized while you're engaged in various activities?
>I have no trouble feeling when I'm using my left, right, front
>and back of my brain.  My brain energy zips around all
>over the place and I can feel that energy.  Sometimes
>I use both left and right hemispheres at the same time,
>depending on what I'm doing.
>I can especially feel my brain when I come down with a
>headache or a migraine and I know exactly what location
>of the brain is affected when I get either of those.
>You do know what a head-ache feels like, don't you?
>Feeling one's brain isn't actually all that difficult to do.
>It comes quite naturally to me.  ;-)
>Take care,

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