[Neuroscience] Re: Looking for rat trajectories

Mathias via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by mathiasDOTfranzius from webDELETEME.de)
Mon Mar 12 05:29:08 EST 2007

Hi Gökmen,

thanks for the info and sorry for the delay!
I'm sure your software would be very helpful if I had a rat setup 
running, but unluckily I haven't and so I'm looking for trajectory data 
from someone who has already recorded it. Preferrably the data would 
also contain place cell recordings of the rat.
I'll get trajectory data from someone else in a few days, but if you (or 
someone else?) has trajectories including place cell recordings I'd be 
most grateful if I could try my model on it.
Optimally the data would be some 20 minutes from rat or mouse exploring 
a new open field environment including place cell recordings.

Thanks a lot,

Gökmen H.Özer wrote:
> Hi Mathias,
> I think we can easily solve your problem. Our software (RatAnalyzer)find the
> path of rat in experimental setup.
> RatAnalyzer :
> RatAnalyzer is a program that analyzes Morris water maze and open field
> experiments semi-automaticaly. Recorded movies of your experiments are
> analyzed by RatAnalyzer. Path of rat is drawn and parameters of analysis are
> calculated automatically.
> Features of RatAnalyzer:
>    1. Language selection for English and Turkish
>    2. If there is more than one experiment in a movie, program analyzes each
> of experiment separately.
>    3. Analysis of Morris water maze and Open field experiments.
>    4. Computation of automatic threshold for movie frames
>    5. Quadrant analysis
>    6. Results of the analysis can be saved, loaded and animated
>    7. Path of the rat can be saved in bmp format
>    8. Results of the analysis can be saved in MS Excel format
>    9. Velocity vs time graph
> Pictures from interface:
> http://www.bogazicibiyomedikal.com/images/ratanime.jpg
> http://www.bogazicibiyomedikal.com/images/ratpath.jpg
> Demo version:
> http://www.bogazicibiyomedikal.com/ratanalyzer/RatAnalyzer_Demo_Setup.exe

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