[Neuroscience] Re: Looking for rat trajectories

Mathias via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by mathiasDOTfranzius from webDELETEME.de)
Mon Mar 12 05:36:42 EST 2007

Hi Matt,

thanks for the tip. I had a few disappointments with getting data, but 
you're certainly right anyway. I've got some very quick and helpfull 
discussions when discussing models with experimenters, but getting 
actual raw data is very hard.
I understand that nobody wants to give his results away to a competitor 
for free, but anyway, I think science would benefit from at least some 
representative data sets available for anybody.

Thanks again,

> Hi Mathias,
> I think you would be best off directly contacting laboratories who
> perform recordings from place cells while tracking both position and
> head direction. The labs that spring immediately to mind are Bruce
> McNaughton, Matt Wilson and Edvard Moser. You might look up some of
> their papers and directly email the *first* author (i.e., probably the
> person who did the experiments, and probably a student or postdoc who
> has just enough spare time to respond to a polite email request). If
> you state in your email that you are open to a formal collaboration,
> that will probably improve your chances of actually getting some data.
> This has worked for me in the past, a kind postdoc from the Wilson lab
> let me have a number of high quality files of both position and
> multiunit recordings.
> Matt

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