[Neuroscience] Re: Why glasses make our world brighter?

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On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 13:30:48 -0700, Lawson English
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>ytf0707 from gmail.com wrote:
>> Nearsight--> with glasses and your world brighter
>> So why?
>> More photons?
>> What will be the difference between clarity and brightness?
>If a light is out of focus, it sends photons out in all directions so
>it is less bright.
>My guess would be that our visual machinery automatically takes
>this fact into account when evaluating how bright something is so
>even though the same number of photons are reaching the eye
>without the glasses, things appear less bright--to the retina, every
>visible object IS less bright, because it is fuzzy, even though
>they have equal brightness.

The reason must also depend on lateral inhibition increasing apparent
contrast between two adjacent areas.  The effect depends on the
spatial gradient of intensity and so is diminished with blurring.

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