[Neuroscience] Re: A commen voltage-sensitive cation-channel in a single-cell organisme 1.4 billion years ago.

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On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 22:32:58 +0100, "Michael Weber" <no from more.spam>

>In relations to neural networks in comp. science,
>I am reading "Principles of Neural Science" by Kandel/Schwartz/Jessell.
>In it it mentions (on page 164) that there is evidence that
>voltage-sensitive cation-channels
>stems from a commen ancestral channel that can be traced back to a
>single-cell organisme that
>lived 1.4 billions years ago.
>Unfortunably it does not mention the name of that organisme.
>Do anyone know the name of that single-celled organisme ?
>( Just the name would be fine so I have something concrete "to google" on)

There is no specific named organism.   But the widespread distribution
of homologous proteins in a wide diversity of groups indicates that
they must have derived from a common ancestor that possessed that
protein.  Times are derived from amount of variation measured between
the groups.  In other words, if the protein is found both in
eubacteria  and archea, then it is presumed to have been in the common
ancestor which dates back to perhaps that time.  There is absolutely
no information about just what the common ancestor was.

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