[Neuroscience] Cerebellar slices, advice?

Bill via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by connelly.bill from gmail.com)
Mon Mar 19 17:33:05 EST 2007


I need to do some cerebellar slices. I'm trying to figure out the best
age band and the best orientation of the slice.

I see some people using very young animals (P10-20) for cerebellar
slices for no apparent reason. Though others use months old animals.
Apart from the general, "younger animals make nicer slices" rule of
brain slices, is there any specific cut off I should be aware of? (I'm
after granule cells)

Also, what the the best plane of section to cut the slices in. The one
time I tried making cerebellar slices, it reminded me of trying to
shave a cauliflower, little tiny bits fell of, rather than big proper
slices. I would imagine you would either glue it to the stage of the
vibrotome via the sagital mid-line, or along the ventral surface of
the brain stem.

Any tips would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

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