[Neuroscience] Cerebellar slices, advice?

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I'm not a cerebellar slice person but I know that some people prefer to use 
older animals because morphological and functional maturation of rat mossy 
fiber-granule cell synapses appears to occur much later, with ontogenesis 
complete by P60 see Hamori and Somogyi 1983; Wall and Usowicz 1998).


. --On 19 March 2007 15:33 -0700 Bill <connelly.bill from gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to do some cerebellar slices. I'm trying to figure out the best
> age band and the best orientation of the slice.
> I see some people using very young animals (P10-20) for cerebellar
> slices for no apparent reason. Though others use months old animals.
> Apart from the general, "younger animals make nicer slices" rule of
> brain slices, is there any specific cut off I should be aware of? (I'm
> after granule cells)
> Also, what the the best plane of section to cut the slices in. The one
> time I tried making cerebellar slices, it reminded me of trying to
> shave a cauliflower, little tiny bits fell of, rather than big proper
> slices. I would imagine you would either glue it to the stage of the
> vibrotome via the sagital mid-line, or along the ventral surface of
> the brain stem.
> Any tips would be appreciated,
> Thanks in advance.
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