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"Ted" <t.pawloff from bigfoot.com> wrote in message 
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> Hi there, I am looking for a reference (and if poss an illustration of
> the set-up) to an experiment, might have been Hubel and Weisel but I
> don't remember for sure, on kittens in a restricted visual environment
> - a cylinder with vertical stripes. One was walking around, the other
> sat in a basket attached to the mobile one, so both got the same
> visual stimuli. Only the mobile's kitten visual system learned to
> discriminate the vertical stripes. Can anyone help? Many thanks!
> Ted

The experiment was done by Held & Hines (sp?) in the '50s or '60s. There 
were, I think three "visual tests" that were used to assess the effects. A 
quick check of Google didn't turn the paper up, but you should be able to 
find it with some effort.


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