[Neuroscience] Seeking for advices on neuroscience graduate training!

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Fri Mar 23 08:44:37 EST 2007

Hello everyone.

I am a chinese senior student who is actively finding a neuroscience
training of good phd program. I have applied to several top graduate
programs in US but was denied for admission-such as harvard and
stanford even arizona u. Currently I only got the offer from Purdue
and Wyoming, both of which are not good enough on neuroscience

Thus I wonder whether you can tell me are there any graduate schools
in which professors can admit students directly into their labs-as
most professor can only admit students into their labs by the program
now? And, the most important point, I expect it to be a good
neuroscience program such as Top 20 in neuroscience graduate ranks.

Besides, will a professor provide funding for a post-graduate student
who is seeking for entrance into his/her lab via graduate school in
the next year, and I would like to stay in a famous lab to improve my
competetion. Is this possible for an international student? The point
is that I need the funding to support my lives in US. Looking forward
to any advices!


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