[Neuroscience] Re: Seeking for advices on neuroscience graduate training!

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Sat Mar 31 20:29:12 EST 2007

On Mar 24, 4:23 am, ytf0... from gmail.com wrote:
> I don't think it's a very good idea...
> It's not a university work and you can learn all things by yourself.
> If I am trying to be a scientist, I must seek for a good training in
> my graduate school time as I am working for the academic director. And
> thus there will be a limit if I choose programs that are not good
> enough.
> But thx so much for your reply~!
> Tifei.

I'm sure you are an excellent canidate. I also would agree that the
schools you were accepted to are excellent and you would be making
somewhat of a mistake to say no so quickly. PhD's are less judged by
school 'name' than undergraduate degrees. But, one thing to keep in
mind is that most schools recieve funding from government
organizations that require them to accept US citizens (I recently read
this and was suprised and disappointed). But, just keep that in mind,
they may be unable to work out a way of getting the funding from their
end. BUT, there are ways around this. specifically, programs for
international students wanting to study in the US etc. That way, the
program could help set up the funding at the school you would like to
attend. Also, talk to the professors you would like to work with
directly (by e-mail) and maybe they can give a suggestion. Good luck!

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