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[Neuroscience] Re: Hippocampal gross anatomical location

Hosley via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by kbrownk from gmail.com)
Wed May 2 18:42:57 EST 2007

On May 2, 12:14 pm, Imre Vida <I.V... from bio.gla.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Hos,
> the shape of the DG corresponds to what you typically
> see in coronal sections of the dorsal (septal) part.
> The small CA3 and CA1 areas further suggest a section
> that is very close to the septal pole.
> North - dorsal / south - ventral
> Left - lateral / right - medial.
> imre
> On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 12:31:34AM -0700, Hosley wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > I need some help regarding the hippocampus. I have a figure of a rat
> > hippocampal slice I need to describe, and I cannot find any
> > information about its direction or what type of slice it might be
> > (mediolateral, coronal etc). It is easiest to show using a picture, so
> > if you don't mind please take a look at the following link, which
> > shows a similar figure to the one I'm using:
> >http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/Synaptic/info/pathway/figs/hippocampus.gif
> > I want to add a compass legend, like the ones with perpendicular
> > arrows that depict North, East, South, West, except with anatomical
> > directions such as dorsal, caudal, caudolateral, or whatever the
> > directions may be.
> > I can email the cartoon of the slice I made if that would be better.
> > If you do not want to follow the link, I've included a description
> > below, but it is a little painful to read, so don't unless you have
> > to:
> > The slice I have shows the interlocking and opposing "Cs", where the
> > bigger "C" is the stratum pyramidale (sp), and the smaller "c" is the
> > stratum granulosum (s.g.). Any idea what type of slice this is? Can
> > someone direct me as to what direction the two Cs are oriented in? My
> > guess is that past s.g. to the dentate gyrus is caudolateral (though
> > since the image is 2D it is impossible to tell how lateral, so I may
> > be better off calling it just caudal), beyond the CA3 thru the sp in
> > the opposite direction iwould then be rostromedial. These would be my
> > West and East directions, respectively given the slice I'm looking at.
> > The North I believe would be dorsal and south ventral.
> > Thank you so much for any help!
> > Hos
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Great! Thanks for your help! Just out of curiosity, what would the
coordinates be if the same slice was mid-position along the septo-
temporal pole? I'm a bit confused b/c I found another figure in a
textbook w/ the inner-opposing "C"s that claims to be a horizontal
section. Moreover, if this figure was a horizontal section, then I
would think it was near the midpoint of the septotemporal pole,
whereas closer to the septal pole this would more likely be a sagittal
slice. Am I confused? Given my own spatial orientation issues, I'm
little concerned about my hippocampus :).


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