[Neuroscience] Re: Effects of weak electric fields on the activity of neurons and neuronal networks

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Tue Nov 6 04:53:27 EST 2007

Oh dear. I heard about a brain cancer treatment which uses electric
fields to damage cell reproduction. It'll be a pity if this also makes
people stupid.

On Nov 6, 7:58 pm, ayaz <ayaz_sidd... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> Electric fields applied to brain tissue will affect cellular
> properties. They will hyperpolarise the ends of cells closest to the
> positive part of the field, and depolarise ends closest to the
> negative. In the case of neurons this affects excitability. How these
> changes in transmembrane potential are distributed depends on the
> length constant of the neuron, and on its geometry; if the neuron is
> electrically compact, the change in transmembrane potential becomes an
> almost linear function of distance in the direction of the field.
> Neurons from the mammalian hippocampus, maintained in tissue slices in
> vitro, are significantly affected by fields of around 1-5 Vm-1.

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