[Neuroscience] EMG Cadwell 5200A

Plamen Simeonov via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by docks from abv.bg)
Thu Nov 8 11:39:08 EST 2007

  I am a doctor-specialist of neurology and I am from Bulgaria.I have the s=
ame EMG-Cadwell 5200A but the printer is out of order.I have a need from a =
program wich to connect the Cadwell with a computer working with DOS or WIN=
DOWS.I want to store and print the EMG with a laser printer.I will be very =
thankfull and glad to help me if you want with an information.    =20

=C5=ED=E5=F0=E3=E8=FF=F2=E0 =E5 =E2 =F7=E5=F0=E2=E5=ED=EE =ED=E0 www.axn-re=
d.com !

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